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    Buyers’ index suggests rapid growth in construction, how ironic


    How ironic that just as the construction industry is sucking in its tummy and preparing for savage cuts the latest survey by the buyers’ body CIPS shows some of the strongest growth experienced over the past decade. As can be seen from graph on the right the current level ...

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    Joy deferred as CIPS shows construction activity grows for first time in two years


    So the construction activity indicator produced by the buyers’ body CIPS finally points to growth after two years of measuring falling workloads. But this seemingly uplifting moment appears to have brought little joy. The March figure popped its head above the 50 no-change mark on the back of rising ...

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    Growth eludes construction as economy grows –that’s how CIPS sees it


    The latest set of figures from the buyers’ body CIPS shows that construction remains mired in recession and the general pattern painted by the numbers provides little scope for optimism. The level of incoming orders fell for the third month in a row, says the report. And this will be ...

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    We’re still in recession says CIPS, despite official figures showing construction output growth


    Here’s a question I ponder quite a bit. Why do the official figures show that construction grew in the second and third quarters of last year when to everyone else construction has remained mired in the slough of a nasty recession? Puzzling isn’t it. Even more puzzling that the estimates ...

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    CIPS figures show construction activity in 2009 ending with a whimper


    The buyers’ body CIPS has released its first construction statistics of the New Year and they show the industry continuing to decline in December. The construction index finished the year on 47.1, below the 50 no-change mark for the 22 nd consecutive month. But there was some good news. ...

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    Could the torment almost be over?


    After 17 months of unrelenting torment, it looks like the UK construction sector is finally a step closer to recovery as the July CIPS/Markit Purchasing Managers’ Index highlighted the slowest pace of decline since March last year ( see index ). This progress is largely on the back of an ...

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    Hopes of a recovery on shaky ground


    You’d be forgiven for thinking that the latest CIPS/Markit Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) would provide a better read than June’s figures. After seeing the rate of contraction ease consecutively for four months, the PMI took a turn for the worse fuelling speculation of a ‘w-shaped’ recession. Coming in with a ...

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    The disaster area


    The latest CIPS/Markit Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) data shows that global forces continue unremittingly to batter all UK industries, with the ailing construction industry the sick man of the economy. Indeed, construction firms’ purchasing managers say the slight improvement in operating conditions in the past month only reaffirms how bad ...