The founder of architect Make tells Building why he’ll be in Abu Dhabi next week and what he’s got planned

Why are you going to the Cityscape conference?
I am hoping to come away in a positive frame of mind because Abu Dhabi is one of the few places in the world where people say things are still happening. Still, I have heard even there it is still quite difficult and we still have some way to go before we’re doing projects there. Our plan is to cover as much of the world as possible and find places where there is still work. That’s why we’re in China, for example. Nowhere is immune from the credit crisis but there are opportunities here and there.

What’s in your diary?
I’ll be having meetings with an existing client and a couple of potentials, and I’ll be catching up with the two guys we’ve got working out there. I’m not sure how many people are going out there but I’ve been invited by various contractors and consultants to a few dinners, so that’s a positive sign.

What will be your message to clients?
We have built a lot of buildings now and we are quite established. I’ll be highlighting our projects such as 55 Baker Street and the work we’ve done for Nottingham University. I’ll also say we’re looking at how buildings perform in terms of energy efficiency, which is increasingly important to clients in the Gulf. Overall, I’ll say we deliver a fantastic service and we think outside the box.

Are you expecting to discuss potential work Dubai?
I don’t think there’s anything happening there at all - nothing new anyway.

What will you be looking out for?
I can’t wait to see some the schemes at the exhibition, I’ll be looking for the really far out stuff! Otherwise, I’ve not seen Abu Dhabi before so it will be good to just have a look around the city.