The real potential of BIM will lie third party software integration

I’m in agreement with the chair of BIM4Regs that only 30% of building regulations can easily be incorporated into BIM models (Working group to integrate Building Regulations into BIM, 21 June, page 13). Is it worth the effort unless that percentage can be much higher?

Even if it can be increased, energy and Part L will probably be the last element to be incorporated into a BIM platform, because the complexities we have to deal with to get the best percentage possible need manual intervention, manipulation and engineering input.

There is also a belief that the only way to get real value from BIM is if everything resides within the model, but I’m convinced real potential can be unleashed as more third party software applications integrate. BIM is still evolving and, yes, we must aim to get better use from BIM. However, we mustn’t lose sight of important applications, such as incorporating facilities management, which could have a huge effect on the operational life of the building.

Nigel Clark, technical director, Hilson Moran