Given the continuing delays to the Renewable Heating Incentive (16 July, page 13) and the recent announcement of funding cuts for low-carbon technology, we could be forgiven for thinking the government has lost its conviction in the fight against climate change

Either that or it doesn’t realise the impact that these decisions, or lack of decisions in the case of the RHI, are having on the industry. By not bringing forward legislation, the microgeneration supply chain is left in limbo, unsure how much more time and money to invest in bringing forward new technology and skilling up its workforce. This is a shaky position for a country that wants to be a leader in the low-carbon global marketplace.

The government has an extremely important role to play in helping the industry bring these products and services to market, as well as encouraging homeowners and businesses to use them. Hoping that it will just happen on its own accord is at best naive and at worst irresponsible.

Paul Roche, commercial director, SIG Energy Management