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    Inbox: A numbers game


    Readers note that a decision not to invest can be a wise one, that the big helping the small could amount to fewer accidents and that some calculations about the Green Deal could be flawed

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    Inbox: News analysis


    Readers interpret recent news of government funding for housing and architects’ unemployment

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    Inbox: pointing the finger


    It’s a matter of accountability this week, as readers blame the ONS for overestimating and distorting statistics, columnists for failing to give the full story, and arsonists - not timber - for being a fire risk

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    Inbox: Worry not


    What’s the best test? Regarding Rab Bennetts’ article (15 July, page 26), as an architect-turned-procurement-of-architects-specialist for a large software company, I am interested in seeing an example or a little more detail about the system for procuring architects that he would use to get a better qualitative assessment. He makes ...

  • Ken Shuttleworth

    Inbox: true colours


    This week we focus on colour, shape and scale: from blue language about would-be green buildings, to the demise of the wacky London skyscraper and the rise of the mega-consultant

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    The whole picture


    Knowledge is power this week as readers ponder the unknown factors affecting the new planning rules, rail against the complexity of government schemes and put Hansom right on an issue of detail

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    Inbox: Universally challenged


    This week, our readers take issue with ’champagne-drinking’ architects, plans to cut the cost of skyscrapers and the industry’s approach to labour and skills

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    Bank on this


    Money pervades readers’ thoughts this week, as they ponder project costs and value for money, whether suicide bids ever pay off, banks not lending - and what does zero mean, anyway?

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    Who can we blame?


    The knives are out this week for ineffectual green policymakers and boardroom cavemen who refuse to embrace BIM but, strangely, construction lawyers come out of it all unscathed

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    Time will tell


    It’s back to the future this week as readers reflect on whether or not the Localism Bill will deliver what it promises and if BIM heralds a bright new future