Regarding your proposed excursion into another life (16 February, page 46), I have problems finding enough time to live a real life – how can I run a second one?

If serious real money is being made by buying and selling something that isn’t really there, this is the Emperor’s New Clothes gone ballistic. I can’t even understand why anyone uses this virtual world to building designs – they would not be set in the correct surroundings.

Presumably the unfortunate inhabitants of Second Life will get virtual illnesses and need virtual health insurance and virtual hospitals. If there’s virtual money, there’ll be virtual crooks so you’ll need virtual police, legal system and prisons. Virtual buildings may virtually catch fire and need virtual fire brigades etc, etc.

I’ve got a better idea – let’s live our real lives with a bit more humanity and remember that computers are just another tool.

Peter Hurcomb, Sexton Construction