This winter’s catastrophic flooding has put climate change firmly back in the public eye

Tom Lane background

Although few scientists are prepared to say the floods were definitively caused by climate change most people now believe there is a link. This may have the benefit of reversing this government’s reluctance to invest in carbon reduction and climate change adaption measures. There is an urgent need to decide the key priorities for flood protection and to implement a package of measures to mitigate future extreme climate events. We also need to consider other adaption issues including the growing problem of homes overheating in the summer. These issues will be discussed at the Ecobuild conference and seminars. These will also cover a wide range of other topics including green energy, regulations, zero carbon, the performance gap and retrofit.

This year Ecobuild is celebrating its tenth anniversary and will be practicing what it preaches by going for ISO 20121 certification. This is an international standard for event sustainability and Ecobuild has set itself some ambitious targets. These include reducing electricity consumption, waste and printed materials (on 100% recycled paper) at the show by 10% each. Ecobuild has reduced its materials use by going for open plan seminar theatres and has reused walling from another show.

Thomas Lane, group technical editor, Building and Ecobuild