Why is electricity given such a negative loading in the Code for Sustainable Homes?

I need to be convinced that suggesting biomass heating instead of 100% efficient electric heating makes logical sense …

We praise electric vehicles for their cleanliness and quietness but have to plug them into our mains charging system in the evening, which has negative points loading. Does this mean that we should consider biomass-fuelled vehicles or even burn biomass at power stations?

If the price of electricity (as the most easily transportable and transferable energy) increases to £2 a unit I would like to know that I can get £2 credit for each unit I produce by renewables at point of use. I cannot do that with any biomass boiler that I know of. We are also trying to promote affordable homes – the expense of buying and maintaining biomass boilers compared with simple electrical heating systems creates a great deal of resistance to going that route. The housing market is quiet for the wrong reasons. What a fantastic opportunity to make it mandatory for new housing to meet a minimum code.