Fed up with eager young pups at work who don’t know they’re born? Or had enough of hearing how it was back in the old days? Email us anonymously with what’s bugging you about the other generations …

There is huge pressure to stay late at the office, and it’s created by the more experienced people. Nothing is said, but it’s like, if you leave before six it’s not on. If I’ve done everything I need to I don’t see why I should stay just because of how it looks.

Saying that, I’ll always stay till six because you do feel that you’re not going to get promoted and out on good projects if you’re seen to be leaving too early. I’ve actually found myself secretly playing games on my PC rather than be seen to be leaving!

I’d like to see older people judge me on my work rather than the hours I put in. If I was in charge, I’d get that message out to my staff.

Anonymous QS, aged under 30