In response to Building’s story about the skills crisis (“Union warns of skills time bomb”, 5 February,, as a trainee building surveyor I am beginning to regret my decision to join the industry

I have had to do a RICS-accredited postgraduate diploma while working, I have started my APC but will probably have to find employment in a larger firm to cover all the competencies necessary.

And to be a really good surveyor extensive training is required, which is hard to find.

When I first decided to go into surveying the average salary was about £30,000-35,000 for a newly-qualified chartered surveyor.

I’ll be lucky to hit £25k now. Why would any young person be a surveyor when there are many other career paths that pay better, are more secure and do not involve as much work?

Luckily I have a passion for property but if the industry does not address this issue soon, as the article says, there will be a skills shortage but there will also be an ageing industry with bleak prospects.

Vernon, via