It's a political minefield - decide not to send any and you risk offending friends and family. Just don't leave it so late that the only cards left have cats dressed as Santa...

The bane of most people’s pre-Christmas life. Who to send them to and who to leave out?

Every year it’s the same. You vow not to give any cards to your colleagues – after all, it’s ridiculous, you see them every day and you can just as easily wish them a Merry Christmas in person.

Cat card
Credit: rainy city

Then one by one, like some terrible rash, they start popping up in your in-tray and before you know it you’ve even been given one by the tea lady, and it’s a huge loss of face if you don’t reciprocate.

So you dash out at lunchtime to find that the only cards left in the universe sport kittens dressed in Santa outfits and you are doomed to send the naffest Christmas cards known to man. Again. Like last year.

At least you won’t have to worry about missing the first class post. Again. Like last year.