James Pickard is in no doubt
Working patterns and lifestyles are changing at an ever-increasing rate. But the construction techniques for new housing have largely stood still for the past 50 years. One in four UK homes were built pre-1914, giving us the oldest housing stock in Europe. Underinvestment, demographic shifts and a lack of innovation have produced today's crisis.

The construction industry is one of the UK's largest employers but the shortage of traditional skilled labour is inhibiting the housebuilding sector's ability to meet demand. As a result, there are poor levels of quality control and low productivity; consumers pay too much for their homes that are often very poor value for money.

We have to give consumers more choice in terms of design and a real alternative to bricks and mortar if we are to meet the shortfall in good, affordable housing.

The benefits are clear

James Pickard, Director of Cartwright Pickard