Your feature article "Down Under" (2 July, pages 24-27) demands a response, if only to put your readers' minds at rest that Bovis Lend Lease is not for sale.
You and your readers should be in no doubt that the future of Bovis Lend Lease is as an integral part of Lend Lease Corporation. That is a matter of fact, not speculation. Bovis Lend Lease is a key element of Lend Lease and will remain so.

As your magazine reported a month ago, Lend Lease has already stated that Bovis Lend Lease is not for sale. Despite that, you continue to speculate on the company's future, to the detriment of our business relationships and the morale of our employees – the very people who have made, and continue to make Bovis Lend Lease the successful, professional and highly regarded company it is. Bovis Lend Lease lies at the heart of our business in Europe – and elsewhere in the world – and there it will remain.