The Berman Guedes Stretton Architects director on why he never looks at Twitter, the benefits of communicating face to face, and why the BBC is his favourite website (it just is)

Bruce Cockburn

What is your favourite website?

Has to be Sorry to be boring – it just is.

What is your worst digital habit?

I don’t have any – fastidious.

iPhone/Blackberry/Android. Which side are you on?

iPhone, a beautiful product.

Are you into social networking? (Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook etc)

LinkedIn is deadly ernest. Have you ever read anything interesting on Twitter?

Facebook is good in a stalker-y way.

Are you on Twitter? If so who do you recommend to follow?

Yes but I don’t use it indoors or outdoors. See above.

What is your favourite app?

Doodle Jump or the Trainline – I can’t decide.

What is your preferred means of communication? (eg. Email, phone, face to face, text etc)

Face to face every time. We lose something when we fail to have dialogue.

What did you last buy online?

Jamie xx and Gil Scott Heron, We’re New Here, on vinyl.

PC or Mac?

I’ve worked out that I’ve bought four PCs and 12 Macs in my life, so I guess it has to be Macs – I have a large family.

Guilty pleasures: Most played tunes from iTunes/Spotify?

I just looked up Spotify and it is… Katie Perry, Firework. Tuuune!

Bruce Cockburn is a director at Berman Guedes Stretton Architects