The Hilson Moran director of sustainability on treadmills, listening to Elbow, and why intra-office email should be banned

Chris Birch

What is your worst digital habit?

My inbox needs a good clean out…it’s always on the list for when I have a few spare hours, although that never seems to happen!

iPhone/Blackberry/Android. Which side are you on?

I use a Blackberry for work, but at home I have quite a few Apple and Android devices. Although the Blackberry is a great messaging phone, I do worry it has now had its moment.

Are you into social networking?

I use LinkedIn a lot. It’s a great research tool before meetings and a helpful reminder of what people look like.

If you are on Twitter, who do you recommend to follow?

I’m not on Twitter, although Hilson Moran is and tweets its news and events, as well as engaging in conversations. On a personal level, maybe one for the future.

What is your favourite app?

I’m a massive live music fan and recently discovered an app called Bandsintown. Does what it says on the tin i.e. tells you when your favourite bands are playing in your town.

What is your preferred means of communication?

Nothing beats face to face does it? So much gets lost in email. Sometimes I think that intra-office email should be banned!

What did you last buy online?

I’ve just bought a treadmill in a vague attempt to get fit in 2014. Ordered online, massively discounted from High Street prices, it arrived the next day in the biggest box you have ever seen - brilliant.

PC or Mac?

PC – I’ve had the same PC at home since the early 1990s, albeit I’ve changed every component in it about six times so effectively it’s brand new!

Guilty pleasures: most played tunes from iTunes/Spotify?

Being a Mancunian, anything by Elbow.

Chris Birch, director of sustainability at Hilson Moran