What’s your TV choice?

Danger Mouse

A thirties version of Betty Boop singing the Cinderella story for my daughter. I download lots of cartoons for my kids from YouTube, especially vintage ones like Roobarb and Custard, Dangermouse and Hong Kong Phooey.

What’s your favourite site?

I’m a songwriter in my spare time and visit www.propellerheads.se, which offers tips on production and sound engineering as well as free samples to download.

What’s your most recent book-buy?

I bought A Short History of the Future by W Warren Wagar. It’s a fictional memoir of postmodern times, cast as a history.

Where shall we meet?

I like socialising in one of the many Edinburgh bars and pubs.

What’s your favourite iTune?

New York band TV on the Radio’s new album Dear Science. I also recently saw a band from St Albans on the Jools Holland show called Friendly Fires. They played a great track called Paris.