With an eagle eye for a bargain, Raymond Wong uses the internet to seek out the cheapest deals. And like his film superhero, Jackie Chan, he always comes out on top

What is your favourite bookmark?

I’m a shopaholic and I love a bargain. A few websites I always visit are www.hotukdeals.com, www.offeroftheday.co.uk, www.pricerunner.co.uk and www.myvouchercodes.co.uk. Why pay more?

What was the last book you bought online?

The last e-book I downloaded was The Art of War by Sun Tzu, which lays out the rules by which the competitive universe works. He starts defining its most basic concepts and then builds more complex ideas on top.

What is your favourite meeting place?

I registered with Facebook, but never use it. I prefer meeting friends in one of our favourite Chinese restaurants in Manchester (Tai Wu). It is close to all my friends and the food is fantastic, trust me.

What’s in your digital holster?

I have a very small gadget bag which contains all my gizmos. PDA, thumb-sized Bluetooth GPS, digital camera, iPod, powerful mini-speakers, all-in-one multiple charger, 2.5” 160Gb USB hard drive, lots of secure digital memory cards. You name it, I will have it.

What is your TV choice?

I don’t really have time to watch TV. But I love watching DVDs on the train and watching movies in the cinema with friends. Jackie Chan is my favourite actor. He never loses and his films always have happy endings.

What is your preferred means of communication?

Got to be a mobile phone. With all my friends using the same network provider, we don’t have to pay a penny to talk to each other; it’s so convenient. All our phones have the photo pop-up function, so if my friend calls me his face will pop up on the screen.

Where shall we play?

I don’t really have time to play games as I spend too much time on the internet searching for bargains. Maybe if I can find a cheap Wii, then I’ll buy one for exercise. I heard they have a game called Wii Fit. That is what I think I’m in need of...