Where shall we play?

I only play computer game consoles that aren’t sold any more. My eighties Sinclair ZX48k gets a run out now and again, and I love the Nintendo Entertainment System. I usually get given my friends’ secondhand ones, so no Playstation 3 …

What is your favourite website?
Yelp.com for intelligent, location based reviews on restaurants/shops/services.

Bill Murray

Do you download movies?
Anything with Bill Murray in it. I’m a big fan.

And The Wire. McNulty’s self-destructive character is amazing.

What’s your favourite iTune?
I’ve just been downloading Underworld. Reminds me of visiting Edinburgh university, where my brother was studying, at the time Trainspotting came out.

Lime daquiris

What’s your favourite gadget?
iPhone, of course. I’ve also just bought a Waring Pro bar blender. It’s retro arsenic green. I use it for smoothies every morning and in the evenings, for margaritas and lime daquiris with friends !