This week - Dave Hampton

Readers may be wondering, “Gosh, I wonder if Dave’s gay.” The answer is no (but I’d be proud if I was). Watch his astonishing film now (less than five minutes). Just click “Global warning”.

Al Gore is the true leader of the USA. Check out where you can get to see his blockbuster movie, or book a private showing for your special clients, on this wonderful world-changing site.

I find it reassuring that so many people are having profound thoughts – especially on the USA. How could the world possibly not change for good?

Neil Crofts is a friend and author of the book that flipped me, Authentic: How to Make a Living by Being Yourself. This site has great fresh-thinking articles on almost every subject you can think of.

If it’s worth saying, it’s probably been said before – and better. So I love using this resource, which Phil Harding of the Government Office for the South-west has painstakingly assembled over almost a decade. There is humour, pathos, wilderness and wisdom in this source of delights.