NHBC chief executive Imtiaz Farookhi in his letter of 21 May (page 40) takes issue with Building for describing the NHBC as a lobbying organisation for housebuilders.
Mr Farookhi also says the NHBC does not speak on behalf of housebuilders, but his comments are misleading.

The NHBC Board of Directors comprises 14 individuals, including the chief executive of Bovis Homes, chief executive of Wilson Connolly, chairman of Pye, and a former chief executive of Prowting. Three others were formerly with Berkeley, Redland and Miller. None is from a consumer background, none represents the views of the new homebuyer. Contrary to Mr Farookhi's comment, it is clear that the NHBC can speak only on behalf of housebuilders.

Furthermore, prior to Mr Farookhi's appointment as chief executive, NHBC press releases described the NHBC as a "trade body". The NHBC constitution has not changed since this time, so a trade body it must remain. The reality is that membership of NHBC is open to builders and developers only. Consumers and new home owners are unable to join.