Paul Morrell’s article (28 May, page 28) suggests he will be saying sensible things to the ministers he is advising

I hope Paul will encourage the industry to develop a more mature relationship with government, to replace the alternating periods of dependency culture and acute paranoia that I have witnessed over my career.

A vibrant construction industry is essential to a successful economy and an inclusive society, and we now face an environmental challenge in which the role of the industry is absolutely pivotal. If we can convey that message to the government, everyone will benefit - including the construction workers who have suffered grievously over the past two years.

The extent to which major new works can continue to be commissioned, especially in the public sector, will depend heavily on the ability of the industry to deliver high levels of value for money, so that the UK ceases to be, in Paul’s words, “one of the most expensive places in the world in which to build”.

That will require sustained attention to the integration of design and production, which is still lacking in too many parts of the industry.

John Bale, emeritus professor, Leeds Metropolitan University