The work of organisations such as Women in Property may represent “one small step” (31 July, page 3), but the strides have got noticeably longer

This year, Women in Property’s National Student Awards attracted 59 young women studying built environment courses in 38 different universities.

Of the eight regional winners, two are engineers and three are architects. Two 2008 finalists spent the last year working on the Olympic village. One reported that “the opportunities for women in construction are many, and my year out has reinforced my belief that the industry is suitable for all”.

Last week the Women into Work report recommended that schools are where we need to encourage girls into non-traditional careers. Women in Property goes to schools and career fairs to show that “non-traditional” careers are challenging and worthwhile.

Gradually, with others, Women in Property is helping to dispel the myth that the built environment is not for women.

Joanna Embling, national chair, Women in Property