Stef and Stelio Stefanou’s real lives look similar on paper. So Charlotte Matheson is surprised to discover that the brothers’ online habits are as different as … WA Mozart and Amy Winehouse

What’s most played on your iTunes?

Stef I don’t use iTunes but my two favourite tracks are the first movement of Mozart’s Symphony No 40 and a Greek song called PeprOmeno, which in English means “Your Fate”.

Stelio My most played song is Concierto de Aranjuez by Chet Bake and Paul Desmond Although Amy Winehouse’s Valerie is a close second.

Do you gamble online?

Stef I use Betfair ( and occasionally Betfair Poker ( Sometimes I use VCBet, another gambling site (

Stelio I keep well away from these and prefer not to use them at all. On the occasions when I do gamble, I prefer it to be face-to-face, not over the internet.

What have you bought online recently?

Stef I usually just buy books from Amazon.

Stelio My most recent purchases are an HP 12c calculator and A History of Western Philosophy by Bertrand Russell (which I’ve yet to read).

Do you read online books?

Stef No. I personally prefer to read traditional paperback and hardback books than reading from the computer screen.

Stelio No. I much prefer ordinary books to online ones.

What’s in your digital holster?

Stef A mobile phone. I also use a computer every day and if I’m on holiday I use a camera a lot. I don’t own a BlackBerry. Or a raspberry or a strawberry …

Stelio If it was large enough it would be my Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II digital SLR camera, though I do carry a Panasonic DMC-FX55 camera in my briefcase. And my iPhone.

Letter or email?

Stef I definitely prefer to write letters! However, under pressure, I write the letters out as notes and my secretary types them up as emails.

Stelio I prefer email, as it is more immediate and it is much quicker to send an important message to someone if you need to.