Peter Murray is right - London 2012 is a great opportunity to showcase what UK construction can do on a global stage

The creation and delivery of the stage for the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympic Games is an unprecedented showcase for sustainability, and will leave a lasting legacy for the Lower Lea Valley that goes beyond the main event in social, business and employment opportunities. As a model of urban regeneration seeded by a major global event it delivers, in what was once perceived as an area of high deprivation, new infrastructure, world class sports facilities and much needed housing.

London 2012 showcases to the world UK construction’s wealth of talent, innovation and expertise. UK plc should grasp the Games as a major opportunity to show the world that our industry delivers, and how!

We should also use the many, varied venues already completed as a superb opportunity to inspire our youth, both at home and abroad. They need to see beyond the spectacle of this summer’s main event, to the drama of these huge, awe-inspiring buildings, and the innovative ways in which they have been constructed, to encourage more of them to enter our world and become the engineering, architectural and design talent of the future.

What further opportunities globally is UK plc missing out on by keeping this success story hidden?

Surely, when we have something so positive to shout about, Boris Johnson or even David Cameron should be banging the drum harder for London and the UK? We, and many other individuals and firms, would happily help.

Mike Cook is a senior partner at Buro Happold