This is what I think:
  • It is a disgrace that an EGM can be refused.

  • The RICS was foolish to press on with the fees against such opposition.

  • RICS membership was not worth the cost three years ago. The 32% increase is just outrageous.

  • How does the RICS spends £30m? All I require is a registration scheme run on a database costing about £10 a member annually. All other requirements should attract an additional charge. Then we would see how much value these alleged services have.

  • The journal is utter rubbish – it goes in the bin almost as soon as it arrives.

  • The allegedly improved services to members are worthless and time-wasting mostly, and comprise basically of emails of the latest "news".

  • If the RICS maintains its current position, then resignations of senior staff should follow very soon, starting with the chief executive.