New recruits are seen as digital natives. So what tips do our graduate panellists have for staying healthy in a world where you can check your emails from bed?


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Arrange evening and lunch commitments (especially when working from home) so you know there is a limit on your time and you are more productive – also so you eat al desko less and have a mental break from your computer.

Have set times to check your emails and work offline when you need to focus. If something is urgent, people will call you.

For non-urgent reviews and chats, send people instant message to see if they have time to go and speak. If they are very busy, they will either not read the message straight away, or can indicate that they will be free later. 

Have a work phone and a personal phone, and turn your work phone off when you leave on a Friday.

Walk over and speak to people rather than doing email ping-pong’.

Out of working hours, only send emails that are urgent (or set a rule to send no work emails after 7pm).

Turn off email notifications for set periods of time to avoid undue distractions.

Set timers on phones/fitbits/computers at regular intervals to remind you to take a moment away from the computer screen/desk and improve physical and mental health.

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