Industry reacts to news that Lend Lease plans to ditch the 125-year-old name, plus your chance to vote on whether the company has made the right decision

Building’s revelation last week that Lend Lease is poised to drop the 125-year-old Bovis name from its construction business sparked fierce debate among the company’s clients, suppliers and rivals over the merits of the move - and over the future for the contractor.

Here, we canvass the opinions of some of those following the company’s fortunes and below we ask you to vote on the name change.

Jim Steele, chief executive, Imtech Meica

Bovis has lost its way a bit. But their track record is excellent and they have an excellent relationship with the City - they were the original developer of major projects. There won’t be much difference if the same players are involved. It’s about people in the end.

Bob White, chairman, Mace (former Bovis director)

I was never convinced the merger was a good one. It didn’t fufill the ambitions that Bovis had. Something has changed at Bovis over the past 10 years. It’s a shame that the industry in the UK has lost one of its major players over the last decade. The reality is it used to be a major competitor to us, but it’s not any more.

Stef Stefanou, chief executive, John Doyle

It is sad to see the Bovis name go, but it is understandable as it gives Lend Lease a global identity, enabling them to withstand the periodic boom and bust cycles in different parts of the world. It is a shame to lose a name that has been so prominent within the UK construction market, but life has to go on.