I was very flattered to read my profile in Building last week (17 January, 26-30), but this is only equalled by my embarrassment.
The article represents only part of the story, and it gives the wrong impression of the way Foster and Partners works.

I was keen to emphasise that the practice operates as a team, with Norman as the key designer, and that the role played by my partners, Spencer de Grey, David Nelson and Graham Phillips, equals my own on work both in the UK and abroad.

Also we have a group of very talented directors and architects who share responsibility for realising the projects, not least on the World Trade Centre project which, as I said, was the result of a huge team effort and cannot be allocated to just one person.

The office is jam-packed with talented people and has great depth; designs involve a huge amount of research and development. A sketch is just the tip of a very large iceberg and cannot be seen as the whole story by any means.

I feel it is important to redress the balance of the way the practice works.