It’s a bustling scene of construction amid woodland if you look out the window of this project director’s office

What can you see?

360 acres of woodland, 16km of new roads, 625 new holiday lodges and 400,000ft2 of leisure construction, complete with ancient Beech Trees, Wild Deer, and a fair few employees of our three contractors Birse, Bowmer & Kirkland and ISG.

What’s on your desk?

The Inter-Contract Technical Services Commissioning programme that knits the three major contracts on site together to achieve a co-ordinated site opening in Spring 2014.

What are you working on?

The development of a new £250m Holiday Village for Center Parcs in Woburn Forest, their fifth site in England that is due to open in the Spring of 2014 and is one of the largest leisure projects in Europe.

What’s your all-time favourite view?

An empty snow filled mountain under a crystal clear blue sky.

Jamie Crouch, project director at Edmond Shipway