Surf your way to, then see if you agree with our analysis of the website for the Beijing Olympics

Webmaster’s verdict

The site is well thought out with a logical navigation structure and “breadcrumb” links so you know where you are when browsing. Related content is everywhere but not overwhelmingly so, thanks to a good choice of colour combinations. This makes you want to dig deeper into the site at every stage. An abundance of rich media, RSS feeds and email alerts are all present and correct.

There are some (minor) downsides, though. These include the way some links open in new windows, which can be annoying, and content that changes with mouseovers instead of clicks.

That said, this is a great website.

Vital statistics

4,278th most popular site on the internet globally, as ranked by web information company Alexa.

Google ranking 7/10

This ranking indicates how important it is to other sites that link to it

Inbound links: Google: 12,800, Yahoo: 302,000

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Indexed pages: Google: 20,700, Yahoo: 27,494

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