Our webmaster enjoyed this pretty website with a chill-out soundtrack, but is worried about the search limitations of using pure Flash

Webmaster’s verdict

Candyandcandy.com stirred mixed emotions when I visited the site. On the one hand, you have an extremely pretty website set to an eclectic chill-out house soundtrack.

Being a luxury developer, Candy & Candy was always going to deliver a pleasurable viewing experience, be it unconventional at times. Small things like hiding the mute button in a tiny graphic could turn away the non-music-loving crowd, but this is a tiny detriment to a simple, yet informative website.

On the flipside, you have another pure Flash site that won’t be directing organic search traffic. Siteometrics (www.siteometrics.com/serpcheck.php) puts Candy & Candy outside the top 1,000 search results for keywords such as “interior design”. With Flash still so bad for search engine optimisation, you’re not going to get a new audience from Google this way …