I am very concerned at your news article (24 January, page 11) claiming that there has been a big decline in entry to construction courses.
RICS research has shown student entrants to RICS-accredited courses rising from 3249 in September 2000 to 3826 in 2001. We are still awaiting the returns from some universities for 2002 but the total could be about 5000.

Of course, this does not just measure construction students but we believe that new entrant numbers for construction-related RICS-accredited courses are up 30% in 2002. Not only that, but the universities are reporting improvements in the quality of students. If the final numbers bear out these figures, the overall construction industry picture is even bleaker than the one you paint – for non-surveying courses. Perhaps Building might like to know why we think the surveying numbers are on the up – or do you only want the gloom-and-doom theory?