A round-up of writs in the Technology and Construction Court

Anthony Skinner vs Taylor Woodrow

Taylor Woodrow Developments is facing a legal battle in a row over commission on an £8m site in Newbury. Anthony Skinner Ltd, a company that introduces potential sites to developers, argues that Taylor Woodrow failed to pay agreed commission of 2% of the site sale after an invoice for £188,000 was sent in December 2004. Now Anthony Skinner is suing for the money, as well as for interest of 12.75%, running at £66 a day.

Callexi vs Holden

Property owner Callexi Properties is suing a builder who allegedly abandoned a site after a £100,000 row. Callexi engaged Norman Holden to carry out a £400,000 scheme to convert its nursing home in Manchester into 10 flats in 2002. It says the builder failed to repay the £23,146.54 VAT overpaid by Callexi, and then failed to carry out further work on site and did not provide a valid tax certificate. It says its losses stand at £90,050.

Cannons Group vs Mainline Water Solutions

Cannons Group is suing Mainline Water Solutions over a £100,000 flood at Cannons Gym in Battersea, London, in 2001. The water leak caused damage to plaster and decorations. Cannons Group says Mainline Water had negligently failed to supply and install a water fountain with reasonable care, which led to the water supply pipe failing. Repairs cost more than £80,000 and with interest the total claimed amounted to £106,253.22.