The Gleeds chair says the firm has survived and strengthened through the recession

The past three of four years have been some of the most challenging in my working career.

The crash of 2008, brought unexpected and unwanted challenges for Gleeds and it made us examine and re-examine our business in a most fundamental way.

To win the award as Consultant/Surveyor of the Year is recognition of the hard work and investment that so many of our team have put into not just surviving the recession but emerging from it as a stronger and more resilient independent business.

The judges hit the mark when they described Gleeds as providing our clients with “professionalism with personality” - the only thing I might add to that mix is “with considerable passion”.

Someone once pointed out that when written in Chinese the word “crisis” is composed of two characters – one represents ‘danger’ and the other represents ‘opportunity’.

We have all been through the danger and now we face many opportunities. I would hope that this is not the last time we win the Consultant/Surveyor of the Year award and I look forward to embracing the future and remaining as an independent business with continued professionalism, personality and passion for what we do.