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    Brexit putting brakes on tender price hikes, says RLB


    Only Bristol is expected to show growth in tender pricing, according to consultant’s report

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    The latest construction output figures are very disturbing


    The most distressing aspect is that the largest sector, commercial building, is faltering

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    Latest construction forecasts suggest there is more to fear than hope for


    The latest round of forecasting by construction experts paints a picture little changed from three months ago with little hope of significant growth, much uncertainty and the risks to growth heavily weighted on the down side. The general pattern they expect can be seen from the graph (right). It shows ...

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    Joy deferred as CIPS shows construction activity grows for first time in two years


    So the construction activity indicator produced by the buyers’ body CIPS finally points to growth after two years of measuring falling workloads. But this seemingly uplifting moment appears to have brought little joy. The March figure popped its head above the 50 no-change mark on the back of rising ...

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    Annual orders figures reveal extent of construction freefall – a £17 billion drop in two years


    The recession has ripped away from construction roughly £17 billion in annual new orders, despite £ billions more public sector sponsored work. That’s the clear message to me from the annual tot up of the new orders won by contractors released today. Forget the niceties of which sector is ...

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    Brighter outlook from forecasters, but severe risks remain


    The forecasts from Hewes Associates and Leading Edge sit interestingly against the other winter forecasts for construction output released over the past couple of weeks. They seem to back up the mood among other forecasters that construction workload might not fall as much was feared in the middle ...

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    It's a long wait yet for commercial construction upswing


    Each time a commercial property developer hints at making a move in the market I am confronted with the same question by those with an interest in construction work: Is this the start of the upswing? This question is usually followed by the suggestion that developers must be keen to ...

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    Number snacks: 2


    Contractors won 61% less in commercial sector construction orders in cash terms in the 12 months to November last year than they did in 12 months to the end of 2007. Here is a graph of orders won for all types of new work on a 12-month rolling basis. The ...

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    Development slowdown hits small civils firms


    The latest survey from the civils trade body CECA into the performance and prospects of its members very much reflects the pressures on the building sector, where housing and commercial building work is being squeezed by the effects of the credit crunch. While the outlook for civils is broadly ...

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    Construction boom forecast to slump


    The latest forecast from Hewes Associates is not one that will fill the faint hearted with comfort as they return to work from their Easter break. Hewes's rather bleak take on the prospects for UK construction suggests that the industry is heading for a fairly prolonged recession taking ...