With constructive debate, we can improve the prospects of the Green Deal


Source: DECCgovuk

News that the government is establishing a forum of industry representatives to advise on how to promote the Green Deal (Government seeks help to boost ailing Green Deal, 5 July, page 9) is welcome. It’s about time we had an open and honest conversation about the scheme and how to ensure successful delivery.

Everyone involved in the scheme needs to have a voice. However, that voice needs to be put to constructive use. To date “Green Deal Knocking” has become something of an industry sport; talk has predominantly focused on highlighting the flaws of the initiative and branding it a failure. Without constructive debate on how we can improve the prospects of the Green Deal there is every chance this will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Lack of public awareness about the initiative is what’s crippling its uptake. This can only be addressed if all those involved work together to determine a solution. The government should lead, but it cannot make it happen without help.

The forum’s first priority should be to address this gap and raise awareness about how the schemes work, who they’re aimed at, and the benefits they can bring. Only then will we be able to build on the modest start that the Green Deal and ECO have made and begin to realise the full potential of the government’s plans.

Vince Matthews, head of marketing, SIG Energy Management