While delighted that Bob Barlov of Pascall + Watson recognises that precast concrete is a robust, durable cladding material (7 July, page 90), I am disappointed that he has been allowed to criticise our industry with comments that are obsolete, ill-founded and unjustifiable.

Is it not time that the very tired “failures of the 1950s and 1960s” point of view is permanently rested? Those isolated problems arose from continental-type industrialised building systems operated by companies that have long since ceased producing concrete units. It should not be misdirected at the bespoke service of members of the Architectural Cladding Association, which satisfy almost all the expanding UK requirements for high-quality precast concrete cladding panels.

It is ridiculous to suggest that technical development in the UK ceased 50 years ago. The nature and extent of the precast cladding work packages that we now undertake bear little relationship to contracts undertaken two decades ago, let alone five!

Stephen Maddalena, Marble Mosaic Company