The artist who painted the intrepid Mr Bingham this week needs his hands breaking!

I read your last magazine in the usual manner – back pages first, then inbox, on to Bingham and then news and less amusing articles. I checked the legal section, including an article called “Lien Over” by someone I’d never seen before. But Bingham was clearly on holiday. “Oh well, let’s find that trailer to see what it said old Bingham was up to this week,” I thought.

Shock! Horror! Tony Bingham on page 57? “No, never – since when has he looked like that?” It turns out that the picture I thought was a poor representation of Rudi Klein was in fact dear old Bingham. Someone must have seriously pissed the “artist” off to make him do that to Bingham.

Send the painter to finish off his City and Guilds – or would that be a Generally Not Very Qualified these days?

Henry Lamb