A reader says sustainable development is about using local, SME contractors

The world’s largest cash generating businesses want contractors to fund their projects, just like they expect their food manufacturers to (22 June, page 24). This creates a situation where small contractors and suppliers are cut out of the loop and cannot get work from these clients.

When the supermarkets buy from smaller suppliers, they are not funding a managing director’s third home - they are funding a person’s mortgage or food for the dining room table - it is about keeping the benefits of projects in the community local to where the development is taking place.

Going down the road of major contractors, with them pulling in suppliers from outside the area, may be seen from the eyes of the BRE to be sustainable development due to the sustainable nature of the construction technologies used. The industry and these clients need to explore what sustainable development really means. Placing all your work with mammoth contractors does not feel very sustainable to me.

Patrick Murdock, via building.co.uk