Peter Caplehorn

Peter Caplehorn

Peter heads up the technical support department at Scott Brownrigg, an architectural practice with offices in London, Guildford, Cardiff, Edinburgh and overseas. His role involves resolving technical problems in design and on site and ensuring company-wide awareness of new legislation, materials and technologies. Peter sits on several industry committees focused on regulations and health and safety. He sits on the RIBA Council, is a member of DCLG’s building regulations advisory committee and chairs the BIM4regs group which aims to incorporate building regulations into BIM. Peter gives regular seminars in these areas.

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    Building performance is the sum of many parts


    The relationship between detailing and materials is lost if members of the team don’t have the right skills

  • Peter Caplehorn

    Building performance: Aspiration vs reality


    Until buildings are installed exactly as designed and developers are involved with building performance in the long term, we will never achieve whole life value

  • The Itho whole house mechanical supply and extract system transfers heat from the outgoing stale air to the incoming fresh air to save energy

    House doctor: Breathing space


    The path to energy efficiency leads to well-sealed houses, but poor ventilation can cause a health hazard. Peter Caplehorn of Scott Brownrigg looks at whole-house solutions

  • Peter Caplehorn

    All I want for Christmas: Peter Caplehorn


    Scott Brownrigg's technical director makes some Christmas wishes

  • solar

    Solar PV panels: Heavy loads


    Photovoltaic panels are becoming ever more numerous as prices drop, but they can be a heavy burden on your roof if not carefully installed, says Peter Caplehorn

  • Specifier

    Security regulations: The safety catch


    Should the communities department’s recent Building Regulations consultation have done more to tighten security?

  • Features

    What to remember: Glass roofs


    Glass roofs don’t look stunning without effort – specifiers must consider light, heat, ventilation, strength and maintenance. Peter Caplehorn of Scott Brownrigg explores the options

  • News

    Five steps to… successfully co-ordinating M&E services


    Peter Caplehorn of Scott Brownrigg advises on the key areas

  • News

    Five steps to …


    … successful refurbishment. Peter Caplehorn of Scott Brownrigg offers some advice on bringing old buildings up to modern standards

  • Nuaire’s Sunwarm system has been used on this Haslam Homes development

    House doctor: Solar thermal panels


    This month Peter Caplehorn of Scott Brownrigg runs through five steps to installing a solar thermal hot water system – which is one of the most effective ways to cut carbon emissions from a home

  • Control systems for an intelligent home, in this case for music

    House doctor: Smarten yourself up with intelligent homes


    Intelligent homes are no longer the preserve of the wealthy or the technocratic. To prove it, Peter Caplehorn of Scott Brownrigg runs through the five steps to consider when installing home automation systems

  • The Hammarby development in Sweden

    House doctor: Built-in sunshine


    Fuel costs being what they are, housing design must make the most of sunlight to heat houses. Peter Caplehorn of Scott Brownrigg explains how to arrive at an integrated solution

  • High gloss laminates like Formica’s AR Plus range are resistant to scuffs and abrasions

    House doctor: Hey, good looking


    The commercial and retail sectors have led interior design, so it’s no surprise the domestic market has turned to them for inspiration on finishes. Peter Caplehorn of Scott Brownrigg looks at the options

  • Permeable paving such as hanson formpave can help prevent flooding

    House doctor: Paving the way


    With a shortage of parking space, homeowners are increasingly paving over their front gardens. Peter Caplehorn gives advice to designers on how to do the job properly

  • Features

    What to remember: £60,000 homes


    A new government report has examined the lessons learned so far from the £60,000 housing competition. Peter Caplehorn of Scott Brownrigg considers the implications for specifiers

  • Features

    What to remember: Roofs


    Roofs are those things that keep the rain off us when we’re watching TV, aren’t they? Well, yes, but properly specified they have all sorts of other uses. Peter Caplehorn of Scott Brownrigg looks at the options

  • Features

    What to remember: Toilets


    One of the more flagrant areas of discrimination between the sexes is the provision of toilets in offices. But not for much longer … Peter Caplehorn of Scott Brownrigg explains

  • Features

    What to remember: Cladding/curtain walling access


    Access for repair and maintenence must be taken into account when specifying cladding and curtain walling. Peter Caplehorn of Scott Brownrigg outlines the considerations

  • Features

    What to remember: Floor screed


    Don’t want to lay your fancy finish on that bumpy, lumpy sub-floor? You need a decent screed – but there’s more to applying one than mixing cement and sand, says Peter Caplehorn of Scott Brownrigg

  • Features

    Right second time


    Regulations Forget the dreary paperwork of old. The new CDM regulations are bigger, better and far more practical.

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