Shedding light on Government Soft Landings

In reference to your article Government Soft Landings: Strings attached (page 42, 2 August), Government Soft Landings does not “go further than Soft Landings”. If anything, with the regular development of additional Soft Landings guidance to complement the original Soft Landings Framework, the emphasis is the other way around.

The Soft Landings User Group, run by BSRIA, has assisted in the development of a reality checking process, and the soon-to-be-released critical guidance will inform clients and main contractors on the most appropriate way to procure Soft Landings services from the supply chain, including a graduated approach to post-occupancy evaluation.

Second, GSL and Soft Landings guidance are now both consistent with Stages 0-7 of the RIBA Plan of Work 2013, rather than the old 11 stages of the 2008 version to which the article refers.

H Boutal, via