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  • Brian Green

    Construction growth continues to roar, but can you hear it?


    On the GDP measure, construction grew 9.5% in the second quarter of this year and 4.0% in the latest quarter. Is it real?

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    An uphill road to recovery


    Despite welcome news that the UK construction sector is contracting at a slower pace, the industry is still struggling. August saw a reduction in the pace of deterioration. While reduced activity was again largely attributed to dampened demand for new orders, there are a number of issues challenging the ...

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    The trouble with house prices


    I read with interest recently the CEBR 's predictions for the total fall in house prices and when it expects the turnaround to come and that got me thinking on the topic of house prices in general. The basic problem with house prices is, whose do you use? The ones ...

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    Construction orders reveal industry’s pain


    The March figures for construction new orders were only marginally better than those seen in the previous two months and there are still little signs that point to any stabilisation in industry workload. Monthly new order figures can be volatile, so to assess the trend in work volume it is ...

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    Construction deflation forecasts... not a surprise


    Davis Langdon's latest forecasts for tender prices make for interesting reading. They are anticipating a fall in tender prices during 2009, 2010 and even in the first quarter of 2011. By 2010 Q1, tender prices are expected to be between 6% and 9% lower than a year earlier and ...