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    Rydon fined £500,000 after building site death


    HSE warns firms to properly oversee temporary works after worker dies following 14m fall

  • Police

    Builder murdered by co-worker on Camden worksite


    Murder investigation launched after builder found bashed to death

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    Turning navvies into staff


    In parts, the industry still resembles the one depicted in McAlpine’s Fusiliers. Can it be turned into one that is truly professional – where workers all pay tax and where it’s no more acceptable for someone to be killed than it is in a well-run factory? One reason for thinking ...

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    A welcome downturn in construction deaths


    In Building's health and safety channel this week we have the latest from the Health and Safety Executive, as they release statistics on the number of construction fatalities in the sector for 2008/09. As predicted by Building just weeks ago, the number of fatalities has hit a record low , ...