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    Cost model: Later living provision

    The later living sector must grow rapidly to support the UK’s ageing population. Alex Hyams of Alinea and Assael Architecture’s Félicie Krikler and Rory O’Hagan consider how to unlock the sector’s potential from a design and location perspective and break down the costs of building a retirement community

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    Tax relief: the Structures and Buildings Allowance


    The Structures and Buildings Allowance extends tax relief from plant and machinery to cover other parts of a non-residential building or structure but it can be hard to adminster

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    Procurement update: increasing productivity


    Design, procurement and construction processes have become more complex over time, and the added complications of covid-19 and Brexit have piled on the pressure. Steve Watts of Alinea examines in detail the factors affecting productivity and considers how we can bring about improvements to get more for less

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    Cost model: Repurposing offices to labs

    The need for laboratory space is soaring, driven by the booming life sciences sector. For developers and landlords hit by declining demand for offices, this provides an opportunity. Aecom’s Alison Wring assesses the cost considerations of repurposing offices for laboratory use and provides a typical cost breakdown

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    Cost model: School buildings


    Demand for school buildings is rising in the UK, but with land and funding at a premium, those tasked with making safe, inspiring educational spaces face tough limitations. Aecom’s Sarah Crowley, Peter Robinson and Jeff Simmonds examine the schools building sector and offer a cost breakdown

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    International cost comparison 2020


    Global recession is a fact. What does this mean for the global construction sector, and can construction come to the rescue of the broader economy, asks Agnieszka Krzyzaniak of Arcadis

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    Cost model: Garden communities


    Low-density rural housing schemes offer an opportunity for true net zero carbon development: from site-wide renewable energy strategies to low-carbon homes delivered through modern methods of construction. Aecom’s Richard Green, Miles Attenborough, Rob Mills and Paul Wilcock explore the benefits and costs

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    Procurement update: post-covid projects


    Clients and contractors face unprecedented levels of uncertainty in bringing forward new projects during the pandemic.  Simon Rawlinson of Arcadis examines the options available to help manage the risk

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    Cost model: CLT frame buildings


    The rapidly expanding use of CLT saw its trajectory arrested in the UK by new regulations in the wake of Grenfell, but if safe solutions can be found then the material offers considerable cost and climate advantages over more traditional frame solutions. Alinea breaks down the costs 

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    Cost model: Film and TV studios


    Even before the pandemic, home streaming of films and TV shows was growing rapidly, feeding demand for new facilities that can create compelling material for these platforms. Aecom’s Paul Davis, Laura Jevons, Ben Hooker and Tim Jackson examine the key cost drivers of building a new studio or sound stage ...

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    Cost model: Primary healthcare centres


    An area of growing focus for NHS investment is the improvement of primary healthcare buildings. Aecom explores how they can provide modern, fit-for-purpose care environments, giving a cost breakdown for an example fit-out

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    Cost model: London office refurb


    With a lower carbon impact than new-build and the potential for repurposing existing stock into attention‑grabbing schemes, refurbishment is more than ever a serious prospect for London developers 

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    Crisis prompts overhaul of procurement methods to speed up contract awards


    Government says ‘extreme urgency’ of situation means public sector will have to quicken up appointments

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    Cost model: Tall buildings


    London was slow to adopt tower building but the City’s distinctive skyline shows how much attitudes have changed


    Cost model: Birmingham build to rent


    Birmingham’s build-to-rent sector is belatedly taking off

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    Cost model: Mixed-use hotel schemes


    New hotels are increasingly being built as part of larger, mixed-use projects – and 60% of hotel construction is now happening outside London

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    Cost model: Higher education refurbishment


    UK higher education attracts students from all over the world – this is good for construction, as universities and colleges renew and upgrade campuses and facilities

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    Procurement update: Brexit


    With the timing and manner of the UK’s exit from the EU in doubt once more, Simon Rawlinson of Arcadis looks at the options available

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    Cost model: London fringe offices


    Developing office schemes here requires a careful balancing of the need to maximise tenant appeal against the constraints of lower rental income

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    International cost comparison 2019


    A slowdown in the growth of the global economy brings both challenges and opportunities for the construction sector around the world, alongside some cause for cautious optimism, says Agnieszka Krzyzaniak of Arcadis