European Construction Costs

An easy to use annual handbook and complementary online database which enables you to cost your projects quickly and efficiently.


Accessibility and relevance

The website provides a ‘live’ version of the handbook with costs updated every three months, and the ability to select the country, region, currency and building quality you desire.


Cost your project in four easy steps

Name your project, select your building type, input project data and adjust the details so that you can calculate your own bespoke project.

Civil works cost figures

Retain and manage your projects

Your secure login enables you to store custom projects online. You can edit building models to re-cost, modify or update at any time, to reflect changing project needs.

Cost indices
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The ECC costs service: key features

European Construction Costs (ECC) offers an essential overview of construction costs that construction professional from across the industry can use to help develop projects and make investment decisions.

Subscribers can:

  • Create a cost model of a building type online in minutes by selecting key indices including size, building type, region
  • Save online models for future reference and compare the cost of building types across Europe
  • Review thirteen building types from residential to offices, public buildings (government, health, education), retail and industrial buildings in both UK pounds and the Euro, amongst a range of other currencies
  • Rely on regular updates to the online database, ensuring that any swings in pricing are reflected in the costs displayed
  • Access the UK and Dutch version of the product, alongside introductory costs for eight other European countries, including Russia, Turkey and Germany
  • Carry out a snapshot comparison of construction costs between different European territories on the ECC website
  • Use a printed version of the tool, which includes up to 100 costed models alongside detailed information on the UK construction market, from fit-out categories to key design stages, procurement types and sustainable guidance/legislation