Eleanor Cochrane

  • Queues outside Northern Rock last year

    FSA gains more powers to deal with failing banks


    Chancellor announces plan to increase protection for savers and guarantee their cash

  • Asbestos

    Silverdell posts £2.2m profit


    First set of results since listing on Alternative Investment Market sees Asbestos specialist generate £38.5m turnover

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    The quiet revolutionary


    Don’t be fooled by the lack of windmills and solar panels – this Innovate Properties building in Leeds is the greenest office in the UK, even with its mechanical ventilation. Eleanor Cochrane finds out how it was done

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    Suds law


    Regulations Our rapidly changing climate means efficient urban drainage is more important than ever. But if we are to prevent a repeat of last month’s floods, systems need to manage water flow rather than simply sucking it away quickly.

  • Comment



    The Building Regulations have been big news this year, largely thanks to the chaos created by the rushed revision of Part L.

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    Don’t get spooked


    Does the legal world seem like a spectre of impenetrable jargon and terrifying fees? Well, that’s because it is. But as long as you know how to use your lawyer, you don’t have to be a scaredy cat.

  • Illustration by Brett Ryder

    What a performance


    The European energy performance of buildings directive obliges landlords to make clear how much energy their offices use. No guidance has been issued on how to meet the directive, costs seem to be a state secret and no one has a clue if it will work. Oh, and it came ...

  • Skyline May 2006

    Ronson reveals Heron Tower plans


    Gerald Ronson, chief executive of property company Heron International, has revealed his plans to transform the City of London's property market with the first ever "six-star office".

  • Martin Self & Chris Wise

    After the wobble


    Ahhh, Christmas … Time for old chums to get together, share memories, slap backs, redistribute blame and generally relive their glory days. For this lot, those days were spent designing, building, redesigning and amending the Millennium Bridge. So here’s your chance to eavesdrop on Arup, Foster and Partners, Sir Robert ...

  • What are you worth?

    What are you worth?


    Want to buy the finer things in life - or a one-bedroom flat in Catford? A job in contracting can take you to both … Building reports on salary hikes across the country and Hays Montrose works out the pay for 12 types of jobs.

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    Joined-up thinking


    Student Javier Parsons tells us how he is giving Cyril Sweett a helping hand

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    Union of dull Jacks


    Brits may be the hardest workers in Europe, but the all-work-and-no-play culture doesn't make us happy or productive. And, as the results of the Building/DTI work–life balance survey suggest, a more relaxed workforce may mean a healthier balance sheet.

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    The ABC of CPD


    Eleanor Cochrane speaks to Joni Tyler, head of the RIBA CPD Providers Network, about how continuing professional development can benefit your business

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    The roads to freedom


    The workplace can be a tyranny. If the customer comes first, workers must come second, and the result is stressed-out, miserable staff. Eleanor Cochrane looks at a scheme to give us our lives back, plus a chance to record your views and an account of a firm that's got it ...

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    Vive la construction!

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    Performance piece


    An arched glass roof encasing Philadelphia's new performing arts centre, designed by American architect Rafael Viñoly and British engineer Dewhurst Macfarlane and Partners, is guaranteed to get rave reviews

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    A woman's work …


    Eleanor Cochrane talks to Jim Briggs, commercial director of Durkan, a member of the Building Work for Women steering committee

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    The Building/ Hays Montrose careers survey


    Architects may be starting to feel the seeping chill of recession, but this year's Building/Hays Montrose Careers survey depicts an industry that's still confident – and desperate for skilled employees.