The Building Regulations have been big news this year, largely thanks to the chaos created by the rushed revision of Part L.

And although the new approved document came into force back in April, it is no secret that many in the industry are still struggling to get to grips with what it really means for them.

With this in mind, Building’s Regulations supplement features an energy special (pages 14-35), including a round-up of the latest energy rules, as well as a look at how they translate to specific sectors.

We haven’t forgotten the other regulations either. Turn to page 45 to find out what the new rules governing fire safety will mean for you. Or discover exactly how the standards for the provision of toilets are changing (page 54). The government may not have implemented its plans to simplify the Building Regulations yet (pages 8-9), but the next few pages are here to help.

Eleanor Cochrane, editor