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Last year, the government introduced their 10-point plan for a green industrial revolution, which will take strides towards our net zero ambitions by 2050.

With all new cars set to be electric by 2035, the government is now in the process of introducing new building regulations requiring new residential and non-domestic schemes to install electric charging points, meaning electricity demand in these buildings will be greatly increased.

This will be compounded by the requirement that gas and oil-fired boilers are set to be replaced with electric heating by 2025.

Listen to our panel of experts as they discuss the below talking points: 

  • What are the requirements for charging points likely to be?
  • What is involved in providing these and what are the potential costs?
  • What are the implications of increased electricity demand on infrastructure and what does this mean for developers?
  • What is the role for electricity storage (home batteries or utilising EV batteries to even out fluctuations in supply)?
  • What is the role of PV?

Speakers include:

  • Justin Savage, EV technical sales manager, E.ON
  • Simon Swan, Director of future mobility, Arcadis
  • Matt Croucher, associate director & electric vehicles lead, WSP
  • Chaired by: Thomas Lane, group technical editor, Building

The webinar ran on 11 March 2021 from 11am.

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