Join us from 11am on Tuesday 1 December as we discuss the topic of BIM Interoperability with a panel of industry experts.

Interoperability is crucial in BIM to ensure that project teams are able to freely share and access information, and we will explore current industry knowledge surrounding this and what further steps we can take in the future.

Our panel of experts will discuss the evolution of BIM Interoperability and the key benefits, before then opening up into a wider discussion on how Interoperability can help the industry deliver data and how this will this prove beneficial. 

Speakers include:

  • Andrew Brennan, EMEA Product Manager, Viewpoint
  • Richard Kelly, Operations Director, buildingSMART
  • Greg Johnson, Managing Director and Barry Peniston, Technical Director - Solve Structural Design
  • Nigel Davies, Director, Evolve Consultancy

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