Abseilers in Birmingham conquer fears to raise money for local blind charity

The building sector is well known for its charity work. Every week a wide variety of fund-raising events take place in the industry ranging from ritzy black-tie dinners to dangerous looking stunts involving helmets and harnesses.

Offsite will regularly feature the many acts of generosity, bravery, and drunkenness that are carried out in the name of charity.

This week, three Wilmott Dixon employees abseiled down the Mailbox building in Birmingham for a good cause. Kam Birdee, Adam Dyson and Clare Howe together raised over £1,000 for the charity Birmingham Focus on Blindness.

For Birdee, business development manager at Willmott Dixon Construction's Birmingham office in Coleshill, any doubts about jumping off the side of a 10-storey building were soon dispelled. She said: " It was definitely worth overcoming the fear factor to take part. The event was absolutely fantastic and I'm so pleased that we took part to raise money for such an important local charity."

Money raised: £1,000
Dar-o-meter: 8
Glam factor: 2